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Orion is the name of the constellation that we see in the night sky. It takes the image of a warrior with a sword clutched at its belt. Kalpurush is the Bengali name of Orion.We the bengali band has adopted its name, as it is the symbol of power and perseverance and the ability to fight with all the odds and challenges on its path. We on the other hand think that Music is as vast as the universe. It has got no barriers. As there are millions of glittering stars in the sky, such are millions of stars in the enlightened sky of music. We the humans do not know the names of those universal bodies personally. We can only name them a few. Usually we know them when they bond together to form a constellation. A band is such an idea where it is a collective effort. By this idea we the members of Kalpurush have succeeded to make a place in this universe of music.